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My Bimbofication Goals

In this post, I'll be describing all my surgical, non-surgical bimbofication goals. I'll also share the average costs I've found based on my own research, and comparing them to the average prices in Turkey (converted to CAD $) since I'm considering having my facial procedures done there. Ideally, for my face, I'd like to have all my procedures done at the same time, so I only have to go through one anesthesia, one recovery, etc. If you're wondering what body & lifestyle changes I've already made, check out my previous post, My Bimbofication Achievements.

Note: All photos in this post are of my goals - if you want to see photos of my bimbofication, refer to the article linked above.

Surgical Procedures


Everyone calls me crazy for wanting a facelift while I'm in my 20's, but I think my weight loss caused my face to sag more than it should for my age. I'll never have a smooth, tight face like someone who was never overweight, so I think a full facelift would be a worthwhile investment. My main goal with this procedure is to eliminate my nasolabial lines, by lifting my cheeks, as well as tightening my lower face to avoid looking like a bulldog.

Upper blepharoplasty

The facelift will lift my brows a bit, but I'm hoping to go even further, by having my upper eyelids operated on as well. This will hopefully give me a more upturned, feminine eye shape.

Chin lipo

Even at my lowest weight, I still had a double chin, so I'm planning to have lipo on my chin/neck just to get an extra sharp jawline, and add to the dramatic effect of the facelift.


My first nose job was a great experience, but I'm still not 100% in love with my nose. I want to go as small as safely possible, giving me a more cartoonish fairy-like tip, and a thinner bridge with a deeper slope.

Upper lip implant

As I mentioned in my Achievements post, I've had a less than positive experience with lip filler, so it made me want to look into more permanent options. I've decided on getting an implant in my upper lip. Although unavailable in Canada, they seem like the safest & most affordable long-term option. The reason I'm focusing on my upper lip is that my lower is already naturally juicier, it's mainly my upper lip that I'm bothered by, so I feel like if I could get an implant in there as a base, I'd have an easier time achieving my lip goal with injections.

BBL (+ 360Lipo)

I'm not super obsessed with my butt, nor do I want a super huge booty, but I do want a BBL because it will give my lower torso a more feminine silhouette. By removing fat from my belly/back and putting it into my butt, I'll get an hourglass figure, and hopefully eliminate my hip-dips. Also, I'm worried about looking top-heavy when I get bigger boobs, so a BBL will help balance my curves.