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"HELP! I Fried My Hair!"

Did anyone else try to do their own hair during the pandemic and end up with a complete disaster? Since my natural hair is dark brown and my goal is platinum blonde, lifting my hair colour to the right level is no easy task, which I Iearned after bleaching my roots 3 times within 2 days and still not achieving my platinum goal. On top of brassy roots, my hair was breaking off and extremely dry.. so while I give it time to recover, I made it a goal to learn how to take better care of it to prevent further damage and promote healthy growth.

In this post, I'll be sharing some tips that my hairdresser gave me. Also, keep in mind that this article is from the perspective of a white woman with severely dry and damaged curly hair. Haircare may look very different from person to person depending on their hair textures, genetics, health, etc.

Gentle Styling

It's common knowledge that heat-styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons aren't good for your hair, but apparently, certain styles can also contribute to damage! Wearing your hair in tight updos can cause breakage to weak hair. The safest hairstyles for fragile, damaged hair are loose and low, such as a low ponytail or loose braids. You may also want to trade your hair elastics for a large hair clip, or silky scrunchie to avoid friction, breakage, and fallout.

Silky Bedding or Bonnets