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My Bimbofication Achievements

I started my bimbofication in 2016 after discovering it on Tumblr. At first, I never thought I could do it; I was so far from being on the same level as the girls I'd see circulating Tumblr. I spent years idolizing, studying, fantasizing, and reblogging before taking the first step into real-life bimbofication. Things changed for me when I stopped saying "I wish" and started saying "I can."


Weight loss isn't an essential step to everyone's bimbofication, but it is part of my bimbofication. I was a chubby kid for most of my life until I reached my highest weight of 215 lbs at age 18. Being skinny was always a dream I thought I'd never achieve, but then somehow, I just did, and it was amazing. I'll go more in-depth into my diet & fitness methods in a later post, but basically between heavy cardio, calorie counting, & eating more fruit I was able to lose about half my body weight, bringing me down to 108 lbs. by age 21.

Sadly, I had a hard time maintaining my progress during our multiple Covid lockdowns & being in a bad relationship at the time, so I'm currently stuck in the 130-150's. I'm hoping that now that our gyms are back open I'll be able to get back on track to my ultimate goal weight, 100 lbs.

Hair Journey:

My hair may not look like much, but it's probably my biggest achievement of all. I was blessed with thickness but cursed with frizz and extremely unmanageable hair. I constantly have to use heat to style it, which damages it and adds to the chaos.

I also went through a very lengthy emo phase, which led me through at least 10 different hair colours over my teen years. By the time I decided to start my bimbofication journey, I had shoulder-length vibrant purple hair (pictured with extensions). I went blonde in stages over about a year. At one point, I was fairly close to my blonde goal, with the exception of a few brassy patches, but then I experienced some really bad breakage while I was trying to touch up my roots during a Covid lockdown. After a few months of living with the damage, I went to a new hairdresser and got a "root blend" so I could let my roots come in naturally and blend with my platinum blonde... or so I thought.

Unfortunately this "root blend" took me a few steps backward in my blonde journey. I left with dull, dark hair. The hairdresser objectively did a great job with it, but going from a trashy untoned bleach blonde to a cool-toned balayage kind of disrupted my sense of identity. I know when you see the pic you're gonna be like "Omg stop being so dramatic Lola, it's still blonde." It definitely looks good, but it's just not me. So now I'm stuck between regaining my trashy bimbo identity by going platinum again, but risking the added damage, or letting my hair grow in and leaving it alone for a while.

Doing your own hair can be scary and dangerous, but I think it's a good life skill to learn, especially for bimbos. So I'm still making it a goal to eventually be able to do it myself, but for now, I'll leave it in the hands of a professional. I'll post more about my hair journey in the future because there's a LOT to talk about.

Style Evolution

During my late teen years, my body dysmorphia was increasing rapidly to the point where I wasn't wearing any clothes that I actually liked anymore. I had just grown out of straight-sized clothing and found myself sorting through the plus-size discount rack at Marshalls for whatever heap of fabric would cover the most of me. Leaving my emo phase for a frumpy phase had me feeling lost and unfulfilled. Fashion was always a creative outlet for me, and I felt like I had lost that. So I started buying "someday" clothes. Those are clothes that I totally love but definitely couldn't wear yet. While they collected dust on my clothing rack, I continued to gather fashion inspiration on tumblr, Then I started buying "today" clothes. Things that made me feel good in my current body. Thrift stores really became my go-to during this fashion journey.


I've had 7 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus over 1 year, done by 4 different injectors. Honestly, I haven't been satisfied with my lip transformation at all. At one point I was getting 1ml of filler in my lips every month (as often as the clinic would allow). It hurt a lot, I barfed a few times, it's expensive, and it fucking dissolves within a month, so by the time I go back for more my lips are basically empty. I love the look of big, fake lips, so I'm hoping to find a way to achieve long-term results.


Another big disappointment in my cosmetic journey... I had 9 sessions of laser hair removal in 2019, which literally didn't work at all. I don't know if it's a problem with my body or with the place that I went to, but I feel like it was a total waste of $2000+ (for less than half my body). I'll probably try again at some point, but for now, I don't trust any promises of 'permanent hair removal.'


When I was a teen I always wished I was pale. I would avoid the sun, buy makeup in lighter shades than I should have, and edited my photos to make myself look as cold & white as possible. Being Middle Eastern, I tan super easily, so now that I'm letting myself get more sun, I've noticed a warm glow in my skin that I can't get enough of. I've also noticed a decrease in my acne since making that change. I'm definitely worried about wrinkles though, so I'm mindful of always wearing sunscreen (at least on my face), and moisturizing my skin twice daily (once with a bronzing moisturizer to enhance my tan without the added sun damage).


I could write a whole article on why chihuahuas are a bimbo's best friend (and I probably will at some point), but my top 3 reasons are: they're cute, they're sassy, and they're fashionable! My ex & I got Sasha about 2 years into our 3-year relationship, and although we're not together anymore, we still love her equally and have a healthy shared custody situation that benefits all 3 of us!


In October 2019 I had my first surgery ever! I had an open rhinoplasty in Toronto by Dr. Oakley Smith, combined with breast augmentation by Dr. 6ix. It was a great experience. I expected a lot of pain and discomfort, but it was actually totally painless. The recovery took a very long time though. Even after 2 years, I'm still noticing changes. My nose doesn't feel natural when I touch it, it's a little bit more fragile, and the tip was actually completely numb for the first few months. My feelings about the results are about 7/10. My nose looks much better than it used to, but I wouldn't hesitate to get another nose job if given the chance to go more extreme.

Breast Implants

For my breast implants, I wanted the absolute fakest and fullest they could give me. So I ended up with 550cc high-profile saline implants overfilled to 650cc. They were placed over the muscle. I totally love the way overfilled saline implants look and feel like water balloons that are about to burst.

I had the incision through my areola, which was something I was a little bit afraid of, but the scar actually faded and blended very naturally. During my recovery, I had no pain in the incisions, but they did get very itchy after a few days, which is apparently a normal part of the healing process. The first few weeks after my surgery, my boobs looked terrible. They were stiff and almost square-shaped. I was worried I'd never get the cleavage I wanted, but by the 5th week, they had started to settle into a prettier position. You can see photos of my recovery, and actually watch clips from the surgery itself on my OnlyFans.

Pink apartment

Bimbofication means more to me than plastic surgery and miniskirts, I like to surround myself with a positive and inspiring environment. In May 2020 I finally left the bad relationship that I was in, which unfortunately meant leaving my glam-room behind. But I had sooo much fun decorating my apartment. It's a little tacky but I figured that while I'm living alone I should make the most of it, and really turn this place into a bimbo home.

Acrylic Nail Training

I started getting my nails done when I was 19, but a better investment into my bimbofication was actually learning to do them myself. This lets me express my creativity, feel confident about a new skill, and save hella money. Nail supplies are expensive to stock up on but not as expensive as going to an upscale nail salon every 2-3 weeks. Would you rather spend $300 a month, or $300 a year on your nails?

Pole Dancing

Since my gym was closed for most of the past year, I decided to invest in some home fitness equipment. I definitely didn't just spend $500 on this pole because it was the hottest shade of pink. Pole dancing is a new skill I just started learning over the summer, so I'm far from an expert. I'm really impressed with my progress though. I can't wait to share more about my pole dancing journey in the future, because there's a lot to learn!

Now that you know what I've already done, click here to find out what's on my to-do list.

"Take pride in how far you've come, have faith in how far you can go, but don't forget to enjoy the journey."

-Michael Josephson

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Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
Nov 05, 2023

Slay queen

luv the look of ur tits and lips

try and get a sugerdaddy though




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