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My Bimbofication Achievements

I started my bimbofication in 2016 after discovering it on Tumblr. At first, I never thought I could do it; I was so far from being on the same level as the girls I'd see circulating Tumblr. I spent years idolizing, studying, fantasizing, and reblogging before taking the first step into real-life bimbofication. Things changed for me when I stopped saying "I wish" and started saying "I can."


Weight loss isn't an essential step to everyone's bimbofication, but it is part of my bimbofication. I was a chubby kid for most of my life until I reached my highest weight of 215 lbs at age 18. Being skinny was always a dream I thought I'd never achieve, but then somehow, I just did, and it was amazing. I'll go more in-depth into my diet & fitness methods in a later post, but basically between heavy cardio, calorie counting, & eating more fruit I was able to lose about half my body weight, bringing me down to 108 lbs. by age 21.

Sadly, I had a hard time maintaining my progress during our multiple Covid lockdowns & being in a bad relationship at the time, so I'm currently stuck in the 130-150's. I'm hoping that now that our gyms are back open I'll be able to get back on track to my ultimate goal weight, 100 lbs.

Hair Journey:

My hair may not look like much, but it's probably my biggest achievement of all. I was blessed with thickness but cursed with frizz and extremely unmanageable hair. I constantly have to use heat to style it, which damages it and adds to the chaos.