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OOTD: Covid Couture

This pandemic has been difficult on all of us, and it's easy to stray from our paths when we have to put some of our bimbofication plans on hold. All of the places bimbos rely on most are closed, such as salons, spas, gyms, tanning beds, and aesthetic clinics. Personally, I gained a lot of weight during the past year, and my fillers have dissolved, so my body image is at an all-time low, and my depression is at an all-time high. One thing that I've found helpful during this time is just to show up for myself every day. Make the bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, change my clothes, etc. Even though most days no one will see my neat bed or cute outfits, it adds a certain energy to an otherwise bleak day.

Your Covid couture can be whatever you feel that day, but make it cute. Today we have 3 different styles of at-home outfit ideas all in soft blush pink.

Tracksuit: Juicy Couture

Nails: Essie "Minimalistic"

Controller: Xbox Wireless Controller "Minecraft Pig"

Plush: Sanrio

This outfit is perfect for a day on the couch filled with self-care activities, games & movies.

Bodysuit: unknown

Shoes: Pleaser Delight 600

Earrings: Kate Spade

Hair Ribbon: unknown

Rings: unknown

Perfume: Dior

Lips: Limecrime "Blondie"

Eyes: Nars "She"

Necklace: Rani & Co

This romantic look would be lovely to throw on after a bubble bath.

Robe: Cassandra Marabou Dressing Gown from Boudoir by D'Lish

Shoes: Louis Vuitton's Marilyn slipper

Earrings: unknown

Lips: Limecrime "Extra Poppin" Wet Cherry Glosss

Bracelet: Tiffany & Co

This sweet & sassy ensemble will have you feeling like a spoiled housewife.

Which outfit resonates with you most? What's your covid couture? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay safe ! xoxo




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