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Top 40 Bimbo Bops 🎵

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In this article, we’re going to list the top 40 songs that make us feel sexy, slutty, inspired & empowered!

"Barbie dreamhouse, barbie rings, that's barbie beach house, barbie Benz, barbie white-picket, barbie fence"

This song is so catchy, but I hate all the stuff about cutting and gutting bitches. Violence and internalized misogyny are not very bimbo.

"I say no, but they keep givin' so I keep on takin' and no I ain't taken"

"Feelin' like a stripper when I'm lookin' in the mirror. I'll be slappin' on that ass, gettin' thicker & thicker."

"A scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me. Hanging out the passengers side of his best friends ride, trying to holla at me."

"We could flip the coin, I'll be your slave. Call you daddy, give me a nickname. I ain't afraid of a little pain."

"Plastic parts, broken hearts, masterpiece, scalpel please."

I remember listening to this in middle school while I was in my emo/scene phase. It has tons of fun bimbo lyrics throughout the song, you'll probably love it even if you hate Jeffree Star.

"All the boys and all the girls are begging to F.U.C.K. me"

"Potatoes turn to french fries yeah it's common sense, all you need is a couple more condiments, and $100,000 for some compliments."

This song low-key gives me anxiety, but I think it's still a good bimbo song because it's an important reminder of how plastic surgery can damage or consume us.

"Take me shopping 'til I'm dropping at Gucci, Prada, and Dior. Got my daddy's Rolex watch on, gave him a lap dance to get off. He like my fake boobs and my fake tan"

"Scrub it, rub it, whip it, dry it, 'til I tell you to stop."

"Stone-cold foxy, platinum hair Short skirt, barely there. Make a chick wanna hate, make a boy wanna stare "

This song was always so catchy on The Simple Life, and of course the White Chicks parody, Hey Ms. Wilson.

"I don't want the cheap one, daddy I want the big one. I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it daddy."

Tbh I think Die Antwoord is a little cringy, but you totally have to hear this silly, kinky song of theirs.

"If he hasn't got a million, then a half will do"

"We flying the first class up in the sky. Poppin' champagne, livin' the life in the fast lane. I won't change by the glamorous."

"Hair grow long like Chia, money go long like Nia. I am the big idea. My twins big like Tia - my twins big like Tia, Tamera"

The song is about titties and the music video is very aesthetically pleasing, especially if you like Lisa Frank. 10/10

"I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich & I'm a little bit of a bitch"

"You want it I got it, go, get it, I buy it. Tell 'em other broke n***as be quiet."

This song is another childhood classic for me. It was probably one of my first times seeing/admiring the sugar baby lifestyle when I saw the music video on MTV.

"You make me wanna LaLa, in the kitchen on the floor I'll be your french maid where I'll meet you at the door. I'm like an alley cat, drink the milk up I want more."

"You might be fucking in air, but I'm a fucking heiress. It's H-i-l-t-o-n, bitch I'm fucking Paris."

"Hot topic emo guys, Sam Goodie on Friday night, Razor phones, Juicy sweats. Something we cannot forget."

"Poor ol' Billy, bless his heart. I'm still using his credit card. I'm hell on heels, Sugar Daddy I'm comin' for you."

"Get that ice or else no dice"

"It's like an arcade game, your hand is the claw, the teddy bear is my orgasm that always falls."

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch. You want a Lamborghini? Sip martinis?

"The boy with the cold hard cash is always Mister Right, 'cause we are living in a material world and I am a material girl."

"Looking for sugar daddies with a lot of cash, buy me everything and I'll give you some ass."

"I got big hips and a nine-inch dick, lookin' like a blowup doll with these Kylie lips"

"I'm a fuckin' black Barbie, pretty face, perfect body, pink seats in the 'Rari."

"I'm the First Lady of Juicy Couture. Got a little cash now, so the skirt is Dior & my lips look just like Amanda Lepore's"

This is one of my absolute fav Ayesha Erotica songs. It has SO many quotable lyrics and an obnoxiously catchy tune

"I think I want your American tan. I think you're gonna be my biggest fan."

"S-L-U-T, yes, I'm a slut, your whole team hype me."

The music video makes the song soooo much better, you're gonna love it!

"I'm a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world."

This might be the most popular song of all-time with the word "bimbo" in it. I grew up listening to it, long before I even understood the sexual meanings to it.

"Ladies with an attitude, fellas that were in the mood. Don't just stand there, let's get to it. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it."

"Gorgeous, girly, cute. Yeah, I just wanna wear the shit that all the girlies do"

Plastic fantastic - go where you get what you want when you want it - do something drastic."

Oh hey, sugar daddy, I'll be your harlot if you got the wallet. Oh hey, sugar daddy, bring me the milkshake, I'll give you the cupcake"

"Shake it like a bunny if you wanna party"

"Swipe his card then smoke his blunt"

If you're not already following Zepkins on Twitter, you should be! Aside from being a rapper, she's also a fashion icon!

"Post a titty, make a simp nut. Proud bitch, I smile when I suck."

"I like all of my shorts to be a little too shorty, unlike all of my guys, I like them tall with money."

Thank you for reading & I hope you agree with my choices. Also thanks to everyone who sent in their favourite bimbo tunes to add to this list! Enjoy!

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29 de out. de 2023

I'd say #1 is iffy for me. I like ALL guys, not just tall :-)




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