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Orange is the New Pink

Just kidding. But here's some orange fashion inspo to spice up your fall wardrobe anyway! 🧡

In this post we'll be looking at orange outfit inspo for all seasons. I'll also be sharing my favourite orange fashion tips, where you can learn the best ways to compliment your orange looks with different colours, prints & fabrics.

Beauty Tip: Orange paired with black will always remind people of Halloween, even if that's not your intention. So if it's not, maybe choose another colour to complement the orange during the non-spooky seasons.

The best colours to pair with orange are blue, yellow, bright pink, and neutrals such as brown, beige, gold, or white. Below are some colour-coded moodboards to help you get inspired! (Photos from Pinterest - contact for credit or removal)

Beauty Tip: Life imitates art! Get creative by taking inspiration from orange things that you see. Tonight's sunset might inspire your next makeup look.

Beauty Tip: Orange goes great with dark blue denim!

Beauty Tip: Orange can make pale skin appear paler, so if that's not your goal, avoid wearing bright orange near your face. Your undertone can also affect the way different shades of orange look on you. If your skin has a cool undertone, use red/pink shades of orange. If you have a warm undertone, golden/yellow shades may be more flattering. Ultimately, these things don't really matter - if you like it and you think it looks good, wear it.

Beauty Tip: Animal prints such as leopard or snakeskin complement orange with their warm brown tones.

Beauty Tip: Experiment with different shades each season. Spring is great for peach, pastels & coral tones.

The hottest orange trends for the Summer are neon, and bright orange paired with turquoise.

Fall is great for bold, rich tones especially when paired with dark blues, browns, or black.

What's ur fav way to wear orange? Do u save it for 🎃 spooky season 🎃 or wear it all year long? Let me know in the comments below!


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